mental model of a place: český krumlov

project: mental model of a place – artist residency, with Lenka Burdová


this is a documentary of the things i heard in february 2015, while spending a month in český krumlov, the czech republic. we both were documenting a certain time at a certain place – Lenka visually (and spatially) and me audially. there is a lot to hear in the wonderful historic city and i am glad that I could be there to capture things, not to mention to experience that place. the cold river, ice, lenka’s hammer (haha), the city’s church bells, rocks, eva’s saxophone, and lenka’s mirelon. yep, that’s that synthetic sound …


and here is short video from our first presentation of this project

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ph ph bz dz tsch tss ck poom na na na la la


released 30 May 2015
eva kralik: saxophone

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